****The Irish Clan****

The Irish Litter arrived July 10, 2007!!!

   Born on Abbi's due date (of course), the Irish Litter came into the world during daylight hours in just under three hours, starting at 2:53 pm until 5:35 pm.  Then Abbi surprised us seven hours later and pushed out another little girl. 
  We just had to call her Miss Chartreuse, after Green Chartreuse Liqueur, an after dinner drink, because she was born way after we ate dinner that night! 
  So we welcomed Mr Teal, Miss Scarlet, Miss Sienna, Mr Sapphire, Mr Brown, and last, but not least, Miss Chartreuse. 
  Unfortunately, we lost Mr Brown from a twisted bowel and necrosis 36 hours later.  He will always have a place in our hearts.
     Some were born lighter gold, some medium gold, some with wavy hair, and some with straight hair. 
  Check them out!

Newborn Irish Litter pups

Born with wavy stripes!

16 days old

Chime watching the 3 week old pups

Enjoying her ball at 3 weeks old

Hard to keep them in now at 3 1/2 weeks

Having lunch outside

This is actually Chime, trying to get the puppies to be quiet by acting like she's the mommy.  Of course, once they all started really getting into trying to find the faucets, she started nudging them away and started looking for the real mommy to come help. 🤔

Hope nobody sees me get off that darn dogwalk this way. 
  Don't worry, didn't hurt.
            I'm cool 😎

Two sisters with a set of bookends of big brothers, doing what new puppies do best....sleep 😀

Hey, somebody is out of line here!  Is somebody sniffing my butt down there????😮 

Chime finally gets to get in the box with her little sisters and brothers...it only took six days for her momma to let her in there! 

But don't think she's going to help with the clean up duties just yet...she's just smelling, no licking yet 😮