July 10, 2007

Keeper MH50 HTHF!!

Congratulations to Jan and Keeper on completing their MH50, which qualifies them for the GRCA Hunt Test Hall of Fame!  WAHOO!!!

What a team!  Getting 50 Master Hunt test passes is a HUGE feat and this team is a well oiled machine together. Watching Keeper run hunt tests is a joy....you can see the love she has of the game.

We are so proud of you two!

Keeper and Jan heeling

Photo by Cathy Winkles Photography

April 30th, 2016

Keeper gets her UDX and qualifies as a VCD4.  Only the 11th Golden to obtain that title.

Way to go Ms Keeper!

Oct 30, 2014

Keeper gets her MACH at the GRCA National in North Carolina!  Her 20th QQ at the National!  What a thrill it was for this team and to be surrounded by her Gaylan's family and her breeders was very special.

MACH Keeper!!

CT Keeper!!

Nov 3, 2013

CT Keeper!!!

Congratulations to Jan Masica and CT Keeper on completing their VST track in 12 minutes and obtaining their Champion Tracker title!!  WAHOO!!  A CT is not an easy title to obtain.  Only 5% of dogs pass that VST, which is tracking on concrete, asphalt, and grass.  I was there to watch Abbi's daughter complete that track in 12 minutes and it was breathtaking.  The crowd was  ecstatic  for Jan & Keeper and Jan was so happy.

 Congratulations to Jan and 

CT Keeper.

    What an amazing dog Keeper is and what a great trainer Jan is.

     (Miss Scarlet)

     Keeper lives here in Michigan with Jan, Carol and their dogs Uno, Partner, and young Kix (Keeper's nephews). She and Jan do agility, hunt tests, tracking, and obedience together. 
   We see Jan and Keeper frequently at agility trials here in Michigan.

Jan named her Irish pup Keeper because Jan had raised four service puppies for PAWS in four years and had to give them back to PAWS. 
    This will be the first puppy in five years that will be a "Keeper"!

 They passed Keeper's first tracking test at the 2008 GRCA National in Rhode Island to obtain Keeper's Tracking Dog title. 
Our first TD from an Abbi baby!!

****News Flash****

Master Hunter Aug 12, 2012

CT Nov 3, 2013

UD Oct 19, 2014

MACH Oct 30, 2014

UDX April 30, 2016

MH30 June 26, 2016

What a ride she has taken Jan on!
We are so proud of this team. 
When the Irish Litter was 8 weeks old, Gayle and I realized what a special pup we had in Keeper and Jan was the perfect handler to take this girl to all the great places we knew she could go.

Way to go Jan & Keep!!

Pretty girl in the pretty flowers


Wow! Look at her flying out of the chute!

Doing agility

Celebrating being Irish

First agility ribbons

Throw more balls!!

Running down the ocean beach in Florida.

Sand in her face at the beach.

11 weeks old

Heading home to Michigan with Jan and Carol

Keeper, back when she was known as Ms Scarlet