*******SHR Gaylan's Wind Chime Melody****** CD RAE BN OA OAJ NAP NAJ JH WC VC CCA PD1 PJ1 PK2 PR1 CL1 CGC

    April 28, 2005 - April 25, 2020 

Chime and her birthday cake

Senior girl

                       April 28, 2005 - April 25, 2020                     

pedigree and clearances

  Chime was Abbi's daughter from the Music litter born April 28, 2005.  She did a little agility and obedience, field work, and hunting with Tom.  She was Tom's best hunting dog ever! She was sweet and quiet, much different than her mother was.  She reminded us so much of Piper.

We produced nice birdy puppies with great structure, great biddability, and wonderful temperaments.  See our Puppies pages for further information.

  Chime is the reason we have the Music Litter theme.  I love wind chimes and when Kathy from Florida was getting a Gaylan's pup from the summer litters of 2004, she was thinking she might be getting a female pup.  She had picked out the name Chime.  When she found out she was getting a male pup, who was Slider, she was gracious enough to let me have the name Chime for my future Gaylan's pup.  So the Music Litter theme was developed.  
  Chime was injured in March 2007, when she slipped in the snow, tearing her groin muscle and sliding into a sharp broken branch on a tree.  The tree branch went into her abdomen and 3+ hours of surgery miraculously saved her life.  She healed up nicely from the surgery, but she was out of commission for quite a while due to the pulled/torn groin muscle.  She had some residual effects from the torn groin muscle and had trouble with her weave poles, so her agility career was cut short.
She then had complications from the injury & surgery from scar tissue pinching  off her ureter, damaging her left kidney.  She had surgery to remove the damaged kidney and she did great.  We were thankful she was able to become a momma.

Chime whelped two litters, in 2011 and 2012, The Gemstone Litter and the Outer Space Litter. 

Chime passed away at the ripe age of 15.  What a wonderful life she had.

Showing beauty and birds go together

Looking to see if any bunnies are out there

Chime and hunting buddy Scotch

Chime wiping out the red squirrel population

Hunting pheasants with Tom

Severe abdominal injury from stick

Three years old

Waiting to catch a critter

Getting her Junior Hunter title

Chime at 4 years old

Getting her last leg for her JH!!