***************Gaylan's Juice Harp************** MX MXJ MXF MXJP T2B ADHF SH WCX PD2


April 28, 2005 - May 16, 2016
      Owned by Paula Orcutt, MA

Juice, from the Music Litter, lived with Paula in Massachusetts, along with his nephew Rooney.  He was Mr Navy and the first born pup of the Music litter.

Congratulations to Paula and Juice getting his AX and AXJ.  This helped make his sire, Canyon, an Outstanding Sire, a very special title given by the Golden Retriever Club of America for having produced five high titled offspring.  This also helped his dam Abbi become an Outstanding Dam with her first litter.

Paula kept Juice very busy doing agility and field training.  They really did excel in all they did.

Congratulations to Paula and Juice for finishing his SENIOR HUNTER, all owner trained and handled!!  

Thanks, Paula, for taking this special boy and helping develop his great potential!!

Learning his teeter contacts

Early field training at five months

Juice's first duck

Juice, Cleggan, and Brig's first Christmas

Doing agility. Look at him fly! (photo by Karen Hocker)

More agility (photo by Karen Hocker)

Whee!!! (photo by Karen Hocker)

Brig and Juice and ice sculpture

What a beautiful profile

Friends in Boston, back row Juice and Tango, front row Brig and Becky

Good friends in Boston-Brig, Juice, Becky, Tango

Heading for the duck!

Here he comes!

One more duck!

New Senior Hunter!!!

Momma Abbi and her first born son Juice