The Irish Quints turn One Year Old!

Here's Jig at 7 weeks, when he was called Mr Teal.

Here's Keeper when she was 7 weeks old and called Ms Scarlet.

Here's Jamie at 7 weeks, when she was called Ms Sienna.

Here's Finn at 7 weeks, when he was still Mr Sapphire.

Here's Kerri when she was 7 weeks old and still called Ms Chartreuse.

There's no grass growing under Jig's feet!

Look at Jamie doing those weaves! No grass growing under her feet either!

Just a blur....that's the way Kerri races through life!

And here he is turning One! Check out that smile :-) He's learning all kinds of agility moves and field work, and practicing Rally.

And here she is turning One. She's the apple of her momma's eye! She's becoming quite the agility, tracking, and field queen.

And here's Jamie turning one year old. She's becoming quite the hit at all the agility trials she goes to with her moms selling their doggie items.

And here's Finn at one year old. Check out that beautiful smile! He and Terri are having such fun learning agility together.

And here she is turning One! She is quite the character too, learning agility, practicing obedience, and training in field work too.

The Look! Keeper is letting you know you ARE NOT getting her ball!

Just waiting until their backs are turned and Finn will be sneaking out of there!

Momma Abbi and Chime celebrating Kerri's first birthday with her. Don't they just look lovely together!