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             January 26, 2009

A big congratulations goes out to Barbara Verga and Perri from the Traveling Litter.

They finished their MACH and qualified for the ADHF!

What a team they are.


Perri (Ms Orange) joined Barbara and Tony Verga and half-brother Bing on Long Island, NY.  They have been joined now with their nephew Dean, from the Audeo-Topmast Litter.  

Perri did a lot of obedience and agility with Barbara.

Perri gets her name for Tony and Barbara's love for Bing Crosby (big brother Bing's name) and Perry Como.  Perri is a girl, so we gave her an 'i' instead of 'y', which also matches Momma Abbi's name too.


December 14, 2015

Perri and Barbara finish their C-ATCH!!  Wahoo!  What a team they have become!

January 20, 2013

Perri completes her Utility Dog (UD) title!!  What a great accomplishment.  This is Barbara's second UD on her dogs, the first one is Perri's big half-brother Bing.  Two UD's in the family and both Abbi's offspring!

Way to go, little girl!!

8 weeks

Going Home

Practicing straight fronts in her new backyard

One year old

Christmas 2009