****Topmast Sunshine Express CCA CGC****



Hayden (Mr Chocolate Brown) lived in Michigan with Jo Kuschel and Anne Corgan and half-brother Bryce.  Hayden hung out with Bryce and Jo & Anne.

Hayden got his AKC name from the Sunshine Express, which is the ski lift they use to TRAVEL up the mountain at Steamboat Springs, where Jo and Anne loved to go snow skiing.  Hayden was the airport they flew into to get there.
Jo and Anne's first LOVE is golf, snow skiing second, and traveling. 
Going to agility trials with Bryce was a fun thing for them to do, but not as addicting as golf :-)  


Hayden obtained his CCA!

Go Handsome Happy Hayden!

Bryce & Jo and Anne & Hayden going home.

Bryce and Hayden, best buddies!

First trip home.

Learning about stairs

Sitting pretty

Chewing on a stick just like big brother Bryce does.

Chewing on Bryce at 12 weeks old.

Kongs are good things to chew on!

Dragging the tracking rope

I Found THE Glove!!