******OTCH Topmast Wings of Travel****** UDX6 OGM RE JH WC ODHF CCA CGC


January 26, 2009 - July 19, 2021

Doug and Lexie achieved their high goal of getting an OTCH.  And FIVE HIT's to get into the OBHF!

Lexie was Doug's very first obedience dog and he went from Novice A to OTCH!

Lexie was known as  

We are so proud of Doug and Lexie for taking this wonderful journey together. 

Special thanks goes out to Doug's trainer, Linda Smithberger, who helped guide Doug and Lexie thru this incredible journey.

And of course, a big cheer goes out to Doug's wife, Nanci, who supported Doug thru-out his adventure with his very special girl.

Lexie was from our Traveling litter, out of our Abbi and Collin.  

She and Doug did some wonderful traveling in obtaining this goal.

Great jumper

Lexie and Doug heeling.

Doug & Lexie on the way to their Junior Hunter.

Lexie (Ms Yellow) lived in Columbus, Ohio with Nanci and Doug Braun.  Lexie introduced Doug to the world of obedience and  field work. She and Doug did very well in the obedience ring.  

She had her OTCH, UDX6, OGM, with Rally Excellent, and her Junior Hunter. She qualified for the OBHF with 5 HIT's. 

Way to go, Lexie & Doug!

Doug is a retired corporate pilot, so Lexie's registered name just had to do with flying!


8 weeks old

Going Home.

Ahh, the smell of new green grass in Ohio.

A quiet moment with Doug

Enjoying the daffodils

Sweet and innocent.

Lexie gets to meet her "big sister"

Saying hello to the grandson