Past Litters

The Saucy Litter!

 Two beautiful puppies.  Twin girls.

DOB:  9/21/2020

Look for these two girls to do great things.

Chili and the Saucy Pups


We co-bred a litter with Kim Portney, California.

Kim owns Ritzy, Abbi's grand-daughter.  

Kim did a beautiful job raising the litter of 8 puppies.

She kept two pups, and I have a male from the litter.

This was the Double Litter.

Audeo Topmast Road To Ritzy UD BN RE NA NAJ SH WCX CCA VC CGC


By Rio's Scenter Stage SH **

The Rain Litter - 2018

Diamond's 2nd litter of two beautiful girls.


The Spice Litter - Dec 2017

Our first breeding of Diamond to Copper 


Pedigree of the breeding:

The Road Litter - 2014 

Topmast Goldens' other co-breeding took place late fall 2014 when Bonny was bred to Manny.

Bon and Karli are littermates.

(Bon) Can. CH. GMOTCh Topmast Take the High Road WCX GRCC VCX VHOF OHOF Am. CDX MH WCX CCA OD VC

CH HRCH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz UD MH WCX** DDHF VCX OS

The twelve puppies were whelped and raised by her owner, Pam Martin in Ottawa, Canada, of Audeo Goldens.

We expected lovely, working dogs that would be capable of following in their parents footsteps of CH/MH and that's what they developed into.

Bon's owner: 

Pam Martin

Audeo Golden Retrievers

Mountain, ON



Liquor Litter - 2014


Our 2014 breeding took place around the middle of March with one of our 

co-owned girls, five year old Karli.

All puppies have gone to their new homes.  Look for them on the Liquor Litter Page.

Topmast Goldens:

Karli's owner:  Myra

Cowboy Litter 2016 - 2 puppies

Karli's 2nd Litter - 

Scottish Litter 2017

Karli's 3rd Litter - 


Chime's Previous litters:

Outer Space Litter---2012


For Chime's second litter, we welcomed FIVE little puppies from the Chime x Kamikaze breeding, born July 31, 2012.  Two boys and three girls. 

see their page at:


We were thrilled to have bred to Kamikaze, bringing in a similar pedigree that we strive for, combining working/performance pedigree with conformation. A good looking working dog.

We think this combination of Kamikaze and Chime produced nice looking working dogs that will compete in all venues.

Gemstone Litter---2011       

For the sire of Chime's first litter, we  chose Rocky, Wynwoods Wild Card SH CCA 

Litter pedigree:

  Rocky was owned and bred by Renee Schulte, Wynwood Golden Retrievers, a long time breeder of performance goldens.

   We made this choice for 
several reasons; his field and performance abilities, his structure, and his temperament.  This golden progressed very quickly in his field training, easily earning his Junior and Senior Hunter.  His first two JH passes came in the fall of 2009 when he was just eight months old. He quickly finished his Junior Hunter when the hunt test season resumed early in 2010.  He went on to complete his Senior Hunter Summer 2010 with his owner/handler.  He passed then finished his Master Hunter.

The Traveling Litter--2009

January 26, 2009

Abbi and Collin puppies (The Traveling Litter) was born January  26, 2009.

  Abbi was bred for her last litter to the wonderful and beautiful
Ch Buckeye Standing Ovation OS,
otherwise known as Collin, of
Buckeye Golden Retrievers.
Ultrasound had confirmed there were ten puppies in there, but we had ELEVEN!
WAHOO!!! Way to go Abbi and Collin!

See the Traveling Litter page for more pictures and updates on the litter.

We met Collin in 2004 when we went on a stud hunting trip with Abbi's breeder Gayle and friend Marcy.  We loved him just as much when we bred to him, as we did then.  

  The theme of the litter was the Traveling Litter

  This breeding produced intelligent, birdy retrievers with the drive and energy needed to excel at agility, obedience, and hunt tests, which they are doing with great gusto.
Litter pedigree  

  This litter was raised here with us, using Gaylan's puppy rearing program and evaluated using their adaptation of Sheila Booth's Positive Puppy Preview before going to their new homes around nine weeks of age.

Irish Litter---2007
          Abbi x Rooster
                  July 10, 2007 

were born July 10, 2007.  This litter was co-bred with Abbi's breeder Gayle Watkins of Gaylan's Goldens.  The litter, known as the Irish Quints, was whelped and raised here until they were almost 7 weeks of age.  We then headed to Gayle's house in New York, where the puppies went for mountain walks, and had their testings and evaluations done before being placed in their new homes. 
  We were very excited about this breeding, combining two great high drive dogs with great on and off switches. 
The pups are fantastic in their drive, biddability, and birdiness.
Watch for them doing fantastic things in their working homes.

For her second litter, Abbi was bred to
       UD MH WCX OS

You can see the pedigree for this breeding at 

    The five Irish Litter puppies

Music Litter--2005             
          Abbi x Canyon

          April 28, 2005

For her first litter, Abbi was bred in early 2005 to the lovely
            CDX MH WCX OS.

   The Music Litter of nine beautiful babies was born April 28, 2005.  We did this breeding in conjunction with Abbi's breeder, Gayle Watkins, Gaylan's Goldens.  We think Abbi and Canyon complimented each other well, and they produced wonderful pups.  The pedigree for that breeding can be seen at

We were very excited about that breeding, our first adventure into the whelping box in 30+ years. 
We had a great time having puppies.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.  The puppies turned out wonderful and are in wonderful homes.  You can see pictures of them on their web pages, along with pictures of Chime, the little girl puppy that we kept.

With Gayle, we tried to find great combinations with our breedings to obtain puppies with great health, longevity, and wonderful temperaments. 


   Abbi was a moderate high drive golden who lived for action, but had a wonderful on-off switch and was easy to live with.  She learned quickly, had wonderful work ethic and was eager to please.  Her temperament was stable, friendly, and trustworthy.  Her tail never stopped wagging, but she was not a silly golden.  She had very dark eyes, full dentition and a scissors bite.  Her pigment was black, with slight winter fading of the nose.  Her coat was straight, easy to maintain, and shed water easily.  She didn't carry a lot of coat, which made it easy to maintain and burrs brushed out easily.  Her topline was level with a slightly sloping croup.  She had a correct tail set, but was known to carry it a little high when excited.  She had moderate bone.
  Where Abbi excels was in agility.  She lived for agility.  We played in all five venues of agility, and she loved them all.  She was in the ribbons for all her titles.  She was very fast and once her mom learned how to react quick enough to that speed, we become a wonderful team. We had a little contact problem in the past, but we worked through that and finished her MX & MXJ.  
      She was Tom's personal upland game hunting dog and I finished her Junior Hunter in Sept 05, with her son Shiloh finishing together with his dam.  She was a powerful swimmer and had a wonderful water entry.  Check out her water entry on her webpage.


Abbi finishing her UKC-CH

Abbi finishing her UKC Championship June 2002 with her good friend, Belgian Terv breeder Pat Morgan.

Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing correctly structured performance and hunting, and a few breeding goldens. We seek to place most of our pups in working homes that compete in more than one arena--field, agility, obedience, conformation, tracking--or that work their dogs in hunting, or serious pet-assisted therapy. If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy from one of these litters, or would like further information on a future litter, please contact us via e-mail at

Typically, we have a litter every one to two years.   

In the beginning, we co-bred with Gayle Watkins of Gaylan's Goldens.  We are breeding under our own name now, but we are still breeding with her guidance and teachings.   Our litters are whelped and raised here in our home, in the middle of all our daily happenings. They will be raised according to the  Gaylan's  standards  .  When they are old enough, they will spend the last 3 weeks walking in our woods, swimming in our pond if weather permits, meeting lots of people and getting to know their relatives. We spend our time getting to know them so we can match them well with their new owners.
Before contacting us about a puppy, please read the following portions of our website to be sure that we and our dogs are right for you:

All of our pups experience the following developmental protocol:

  • BioSensor exercises from 3-17 days of age
  • Exposure to novel scents daily from 3-17 days of age.
  • Regular socialization with people of all ages and sizes
  • A physically and mentally stimulating environment appropriate to their age
  • Problem solving exercises, again, appropriate to their age
  • Socialization with dogs other than their dam
  • Introduction to solid food after 5 weeks of age followed by natural weaning, often not until 8 or 9 weeks
  • Daily walks in the woods and fields after 6 weeks (weather dependent)
  • Regular opportunities to swim (weather dependent)
  • Introduction to game birds
  • We do not remove dew claws.  Click on the link to see Dr Chris Zink's article on why we don't.                                                
  • Dew Claw Removal article

For more about how we raise our pups, check out

   If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy, please contact us via e-mail at