Space Litter-Week 2

The pups are doing great.  They have reached porky in size, if we must say so.  They are all over 40-45 oz, except Ms Dark Pink is 30 oz.  They love to eat, as you can tell.  They are starting to move about the whelping box, not quite standing, but it won't be long.  And their eyes look like they will start opening any time soon.  So once that starts, we will limit our picture taking with the flash, to protect their newly formed eyes.  They also are making almost barking sounds.

Chime continues to be a great momma, and Kerri and Diamond are now sharing the whelping box with her, cleaning and snuggling with the pups.  These girls definitely believe the story about 'it takes a village' to raise puppies.

Enjoy the pics.  They have fat little smashed nose faces, but they are so darn cute!