*********Topmast Joy's Country Mile********** CD SH WC TDI CGC


January 26, 2009

June 12, 2016

Congratulations to Laura and Joy on finishing their Senior Hunter title!!  Way to go girls for putting in the hard work to get that SH!


New WC ribbon!

Joy (Ms Pink) joined Laura McGarrell-Young in eastern Pennsylvania, and husband Doug.  She did therapy work and goes hiking in the mountains.  She did field work, passed her SH, and did obedience.

Joy's AKC name comes from Laura and Doug's love for hiking in the mountains near their home.

*** NEWS ***

Joy finishes her CD with a nice score and gets her WC the following weekend!
Joy gets her Junior Hunter title with four Junior Hunt test passes in a row!   Huge congratulations to Joy and Laura for getting hooked on field and getting out there and getting those titles!

7 weeks old

Baby Luke, Allison, and Joy

Going Home

Aren't I cute as a button?

I just love my new moo-tug! Not as much as the chair leg, but it's fun too.

Joy and her beanie baby

I think I need my ears trimmed....

What a cutie at 14 weeks!