SHR Gaylan's Kerri of the Emerald Isle CD GN BN PCD RAE2 TD JH OA NAJ NAP NJP VCD1 WC CCA VC PK1 PJ1 PR1 CL1-S, H, F CGC


2018 GRCA National

July 10, 2007

pedigree and clearances

  Kerri is from Abbi's second litter, the Irish litter, born July 10,2007. 
   Kerri (Miss Chartreuse) was born SEVEN hours after we thought her mom was done delivering puppies, and she was worth the wait. 
  She stays busy with woods walks, retrieving, rally, and just generally having a fantastic time. 
  We took the Irish Litter pups on a long trip to New York to stay with co-breeder Gayle and Andy. We had a wonderful time the two weeks we were there, testing the Irish Litter and sending them to their new homes. 
    We were also there with pups from another Gaylan's litter, the Fire litter from Pat McKinney's Tango, who were one week younger than the Irish Quints.      
   Kerri and her siblings had a great time with their eight cousins and even learned to share nursing Abbi with them. 
   Be sure to check out Kerri's  littermates' webpages to see how they grew up too.

       Jig ,     Keeper,    Jamie,   and  Finn,  The rest of the Irish Quints! 

Scotti & Kerri SHR passes 2018

Kerri field training

Photo by Russ Taddiken

New Junior Hunter!


Kerri getting JH legs #2 & #3

Kerri at the hunt test

Getting her Novice Agility title

6 months old

8 months old celebrating Irish Day

10 mo old Kerri, big sister Chime, momma Abbi

10 months old

13 months old

Kerri, Fall 2009