Puppies/Breedings Planned

We have finalized our breeding plans, and here are plans for 2023 and 2024.

Here are some breedings being planned:

All puppies will be raised the Avidog way.

            Late Winter 2023/Spring 2024

We have picked a wonderful boy for our Raini breeding this winter.

Swanny-Rio Watersedge Tear Down This Wall MH** CCA (4/16/2019)


SHR Topmast Fire 'N Rain BN RN JH WC CCA (10/26/2018)

Raini will be bred to Berlin this December

Litter pedigree

Strong work ethic with an action-packed pedigree.

We expect good looking, structurally correct, and wonderful temperament puppies from this breeding. They will be strong working and performance dogs.
Both are personal hunting dogs, as well as competing.
Strong work ethic with an action-packed pedigree.
We should get pretty heads, strong pigment, nice necks, solid front assemblies, strong toplines and good tails.

Both Raini and Berlin are healthy dogs with no chronic health issues.

No allergies, hot spots, and wash & wear coats.

Berlin has OFA Excellent hips, Raini has OFA Fair hips, PennHip .35/.27

Both have normal elbows, clear eyes and heart.

 Berlin is 22 3/4 inches at the shoulders, Raini is 20 3/4 inches.

This breeding is based on solid diverse working pedigrees in all venues with low COI.

Sire and dam are smart, biddable, athletic and talented- enthusiastic for any game.

Very good and honest in the water too!

Reservations available

Chase MH pass



Yukon Copper

Litter will be born December 2023

      HR Topmast Chasin Double Trouble UD RN NA MH9


Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH4 WCX ** OS HTHF  


High Times Run'N the Roost UD MH47 WCX*** OS              (9/13/1994-7/27/2010)

We are planning a frozen semen breeding between Chase & Rooster & Copper in the late fall. Dual sire breeding.

Very excited about this breeding, as Chase is a high drive dog in the field, biddable and  loves to work.  Copper's history speaks for itself.  MNH passes 4 times, HTHF (at least 50 MH passes), Outstanding Sire. Rooster also has an impressive history, UD, MH46, Outstanding Sire.  We love what we got from breeding to both of them before with our other girls and are excited to be able to breed to both of them again through frozen semen.

Chase is expected in season around October. This will be another co-breeding with Chase's owner, Kim Portney, who lives in California and will raise the litter there.  We co-bred with Kim with Chase's dam, Ritzy, which produced several very nice working dogs including our Buddy.  We are excited to co-breed with Kim again, who raises the puppies as we do with the Avidog program and does an outstanding job raising the pups.  We will visit and assist with whelping, evaluating, and placing the puppies with Kim.

Chase will be co-bred with her owner Kim in California.

Puppies will be born and raised in California the Avidog way.

Chase is from our co-breeding of her dam Ritzy, whose dam Bonny is an outstanding girl.  They  descend from our foundation dam Abbi.

She's a hard worker, honest in the water, has her MH, and has passed 7 MH tests.

She is OFA Excellent hips, PennHip 47/.50 and normal elbows.

DNA tests all Clear.

No reservations available for this litter.

Copper _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lexi's Photo by CMG Photography




(Summer 2023)

HR Topmast Double Oh Seven RA BN JH NA NAJ DN TKN WC CCA CGC (3 SH passes)  (6/27/2019-)




All puppies have gone to their new homes.  

Viper __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

Our Breeding Philosophy

Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing correctly structured performance and hunting, and a few breeding goldens. We seek to place most of our pups in working homes that compete in more than one arena--field, agility, obedience, conformation, tracking--or that work their dogs in hunting, or serious pet-assisted therapy. If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy from one of these litters, or would like further information on a future litter, please contact us via e-mail at  topmastgoldens@gmail.com 

Typically, we have a litter every one to two years.

In the beginning, we co-bred with Gayle Watkins of Gaylan's Goldens. We are breeding under our own name now, but we are still breeding with her guidance and teachings. Our litters are whelped and raised here in our home, in the middle of all our daily happenings. They will be raised according to the Avidog  standards .   When they are old enough, they will spend the last 3 weeks walking in our fields and woods, swimming in our pond if weather permits, meeting lots of people and getting to know their relatives. We spend our time getting to know them so we can match them well with their new owners. 
Before contacting us about a puppy, please read the following portions of our website to be sure that we and our dogs are right for you: 

All of our pups experience the following developmental protocol:

  • Bio-Sensor exercises from 3-17 days of age
  • Introduction to a different novel scent from 3-17 days of age. To learn about this, watch an interesting webinar Introducing Scents in Neonate Puppies by Gayle Watkins PhD, about this program she developed. 
  • Click  http://www.akcchf.org/news-events/multimedia/video/
  • Regular socialization with people of all ages and sizes
  • A physically and mentally stimulating environment appropriate to their age
  • Problem solving exercises, again, appropriate to their age
  • Socialization with dogs other than their dam
  • Introduction to solid food after 5 weeks of age followed by natural weaning, often not until 8 or 9 weeks
  • Daily walks in the fields and woods after 6 weeks (weather dependent)
  • Regular opportunities to swim (weather dependent)
  • Introduction to game birds
  • We do not remove dew claws. Click on the link to see Dr Chris Zink's article on why we don't.  Dew Claw Removal article

For more about how we raise our pups, check out

How we Raise Our Puppies

If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy, please contact us via e-mail at topmastgoldens@gmail.com