****Gaylan's Symphony****

Emma EHD

Extraordinary Hunting Dog

Waiting for ducks coming in.


Emma, who was called Ms Creamsicle because her ribbon color was orange and white, moved to NJ with George and Beth, to become George's hunting partner and Beth's companion.      
   Emma and George quickly became great hunting partners, hunting in his hunt club's fields and finding all those pheasants that got away from the other hunters.  They had a ball and Emma fast became George's great hunting dog.  She lead the way in most birds retrieved of all the Music litter pups.  She was joined by Chime's daughter (her niece) Katie from the Gemstone litter.  Emma taught Katie all she new and they became a great hunting team.     
    Emma also become George's good fishing buddy, helping George catch and release the fish with a kiss before they were let go. 
   Extraordinary hunting dog AND fishing dog!


Emma and Katie waiting for birds to come in.


Emma and George, catching and releasing fish

Icy water, no problem.

Andy, Una, Risk and George, Rigby, Emma after a good day of hunting

Aunt Una, Cousin Risk, and Emma tired after hunting all day

Great hunting buddies

Two of many pheasants for this hunting dog!

Icy water? No sweat, for this girl!

George, Rigby, and Emma after hiking in VT.

Just a youngster.

Wet dog!

Emma and her buddy Rigby

One year old.

Baby Emma.