******Bargello's Pied Piper******


  November 22, 1994 - November 8, 2005

Piper was the sweetest golden you could ever find.  She was a delight to train over the years, starting obedience school when she was 9 weeks old.  She loved people and children and would give you kisses on your face if she could get close enough to you!  She obtained her obedience titles very easily, and was trained thru utility, although never shown in it because we discovered agility when she was four and we never looked back. 
   Piper loved agility, with all that running and jumping, but the weave poles and teeter were her nemesis.  She weaved just like she was taught, thru one pole at a time, very carefully not letting them touch her. 🙂  Her teeter was typical for many goldens in that she was very cautious in waiting for it to tip before she proceeded down it.  So we were unable to finish her MX or MXJ, because time faults were a problem due to the slower teeter and weave poles, but she was so very close when we moved her down to the new preferred classes in AKC.  Piper did have her CPE Championship (CATCH), which is another form of agility organization.
  Piper was still showing in an occasional agility trial, and was enjoying her semi-retirement home with Tom, when she suddenly became ill and had to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge November 8, 2005, from hemangiosarcoma in her spleen and liver, just two weeks shy of her 11th birthday.  It happened so quickly.  She had been hunting pheasants with Tom and Chime just a week before she passed away.  She loved hunting with Tom and we are so thankful she was able to enjoy life fully right to the end.  We miss her so much.  
  Piper was from the Bargello golden retriever kennel, which is an old line of goldens bred by Barbara Tinker for many years.  Barbara passed away a few years ago and her multi-purpose goldens will be missed by many. We couldn't have asked for a nicer dog than the one we got from Barbara in 1995.    
  You can see Piper's pedigree and all her titles by going to

Pat and Piper 1997

Piper and her friend Sophie

Piper and her Jumpers ribbons and 9th birthday cake

Pat, Piper, and Abbi 2003

Piper 8 years old

Tom, Chime, and Piper, pheasant hunt 10 days before she died.

Favorite hanging out spot.