Topmast Double Litter

The Double Litter

Ritzy x Fig  ---    Summer 2019

(All puppies have gone to their new homes)

Rio's Scenter Stage SH** 

Fig has a wonderful temperament and lots of drive but is very biddable.  

Easily settles in the house.  

Breeder has hunted over him multiple times and states he listens well and stays in range. 

He will hit thick cover to roost out any bird.  

He is a very good marker and has good water courage.  

He's a very balanced boy with a nice front/rear and expression.  

They are planning on finishing his MH next summer.

Litter was co-bred with Topmast, but whelped and raised in California by Ritzy's owner, the Avidog way.  

  • (Blue)        Goose       Topmast Double Shot of Goose       Kim & Alan Portney, CA
  • (Pink)        Lexie        Topmast Double Oh Seven             Laura Voncina, MI
  • (Red)         Oberon     Topmast Double Bond                   Katrina Lexa & Caleb Bates, CA
  • (Black)      Cooper      Topmast Double Barrel Reserve    Gordy & Janelle Cole, MI
  • (Rainbow)  Chase       Topmast Chase Double Rainbows  Kim & Alan Porney, CA
  • (Gray)       Loomis      Topmast Double Hooked               Elaine & Gavin Zettel, MI
  • (Green)     Buddy       Topmast Double Buddy                 Pat & Tom Swallows, MI
  • (Yellow)    Nash         Topmast Double Pride                  Jo Kuschel & Anne Corgan, MI

See their individual pages for more info of each puppy.